Ftp Home directory not available


I can’t connect to ftp via filezila or any other ftp clients.It says" 421 Home directory not available-aborting."

I cant login into file manager .........!
I can't use FTP "Home directory not available - aborting"
Not able to open filemanager
"Log in details are not correct"

Are you attempting to connect to

host files.000webhost.com
user yourname
password xxxx



I am facing the same problem today. anybody knows how to solve this?


Same problem here, Web File Manager and FTP not working, first gives a “Log in details are not correct” error and second gives a “Home directory not available - aborting” error. Website itself had a temporary glitch but is accessible now. Control Panel is also accessible. Changed passwords to no avail.


I am having exactly the same issue. I’ve only recently created my account/website here and this is my first attempt to uploading files…

I can’t upload files via FTP or using the web-based file manager.


It seems that managing your website is not possible for anyone. Not via TFP and not via the filemanager. At the looks of it they changed server structure but did not update it in the settings for the customers.


Same problem here.
After i changed my CNAME to my own domain, i cant access FTP anymore.
User is OK bur password return the error “421 home directory not available”


Well at lease we got what we paid for.


My God… when i signed up for this free account i not thought that it’s kind of a nightmare like this… going back to paid Hostigator account :frowning:


Anyone know will be the problem resolved tomorow?


Same, via FTP or File Manager


Has resolved now?



Yes, it was working by the night of +00 GMT