Ftp not working

My ftp is not working:confused:

My login and password are correct (I’m sure about it). When I try to log, I receive this info:

331 User a7446567 OK. Password required
PASS xxxx
530 Login authentication failed
Disconnecting from site ftp.vsela.web44.net

EDIT: I changed the pass to a new one (exactly the same), and now is working, but it isn’t normal…

the purpose of this post is only to help you to fix bugs:)

I changed the pass to a new one (exactly the same) and now is working. but it isn’t normal…

It is normal.
Member Area page’s, section “General News” you can view this:

FTP Password Update
As per Norton Security recommendations, each web hosting company should reset FTP passwords at least every 6 months. We follow this security guidance and reset your FTP password (it can take 24 hours to complete).

You can view your new FTP password by logging on to members area and clicking on “CPanel” -> “View FTP Details”. You can change this password to anything else by “CPanel” -> “Change Account Password”.

Ops, I missed this. SORRY:p