Ftp_put(): Disk full issue


Hello world,
I am facing problem when uploading my files to my account.
The alert message “ftp_put(): Disk full” appears every time I tried to upload my files.

I have tried the method below:

  1. the tutorial from https://www.000webhost.com/forum/t/turorial-ftp-file-manager-fixes/122598
    (cPanel FTP restart and repair && upload using Filezilla)
  2. backup and reset the website. (my website is empty now)



@brigel Sorry for the inconvenience caused, Reported to Admins and will be fixed soon.


Good day @brigel!

Could you please confirm if the issue still persists on your side or not? :slight_smile:


All ok, figured out. thank


We’re happy the issue has been solved :slight_smile: