FTP Server Down?


I tried a FTP client can’t connect to the file manager and also tried using the web version, no connection. I was on it earlier working on my site now it’s booted me off.



I tried all of that so is there anything else that can be done? I need my site files.


Same thing here. Filezilla times out after sending password. FileManager in Cpanel incorrectly reports invalid password. Was working fine yesterday. The suggested fixes don’t work either


Hmmmm, did you use filezilla plain FTP?


yes, connection gets dropped after password is sent. Seems the FTP server itself is hung up or lagging.


Just tried again. Seems to be working for me now. Both Filezilla and file manager


Web File manager worked for like 5 mins now I’m getting the “Log in details are not correct.” again.


Login into your 000web host account and open the file manager in another tab.


Use a VPN to access the file manager?