FTP Service Down


Well keep trying in the meantime, or use alternative DNS.
Or try cmd.exe > ping files.000webhost.com -4
To get an IPV4 address to use in place of files.000webhost.com on FileZilla


Keep trying what ? I tried your “” & it only works for one site while saying the certificate is not valid.

Until a few days ago 000WebHost has worked since it last went down in April. I haven’t made any FTP setting changes since then. I can’t even get my email address changed here. In the past lots of forum activity went on here but now it’s dead.

000WebHost should notify / clarify if settings need to be changed instead of leaving it to users to google around in hopes of guessing something out. My sites are just simple no frills HTML so all I need is a place to park them & FTP access.

I do appreciate your help Infinity but we shouldn’t have to google around grasping at straws. Did you see the names of the servers my sites are being pointed to from the logs I provided ? “dead:face” ? Over the past few days it was “dead:■■■■”, “dead:baby”, “dead:beef”, etc. Are you saying my ISP “Comcast” is doing that ?


Haha ! The forum blotted out the word . . . “b a b e” . . . Haha !


It is okay if it says certificate not valid, try using Site Manager to use plain FTP

No one else has reported this issue, I’ve asked other staff members & developers and there are no issues we are aware of.


That is a IPV6 address, you’ll see many odd/funny ones depending on how often you interact with IPV6 servers/technology which is more common these days.


If you are going to try alternative DNS then make sure to “flush your old DNS”

ipconfig /flushdns


I switched my DNS to use ComCast and now I cannot use FileZilla, I had to switch back to using Google DNS.


Take that as you will, hopefully Comcast will update their DNS soon to fix this issue?


Thank you for all your help Infinity.

Was that chat with Comcast through their regular chat helpdesk ?


Well it’s been 4 or 5 days now & still no go & no help from 000WebHost because they only have this little viewed community help forum instead of a proper ticket system. I guess I give up. You win 000WebHost.


This is free hosting with a community forum managed by staff members myself and a few others I have communicated your issue to developers yesterday and I don’t think they could find any issues either from their end.
If you want ticket support or live chat on demand support then you would have to find a premium host no doubt.
This is something your local ISP will resolve.
Myself and others can connect to your files on your accounts via FTP clients without issue.


Read the information relating to DNS above and how DNS works with resolving the IP of a hostname.