FTP slow speed problems in France


I do not know why, but in France, the maximum speed of data transfer is of 1000 octets per second. Even if I am next to my router, the speed stills the same. Please help me with that. This is just in-human to wait 40 minutes for uploading a file of 2 Mo. And do not say that I have got a bad Internet connection, because I have currently 100 Mbps/s with the Ookla Speed Test.

NOTE: The topic is similar with the same subject here, but the FTP slowness was stopped, but I continue to get the transfer speed limit of 1000 octets per second.


Try this…

First zip all your files and upload it.

Them use unzipper to unzip your files instantly.



Yes, I already had the unzipper program, but I cannot even upload a file now. It’s just… too slow. For the moment I will switch to a private server.


Are you using FileZilla?


Use 000webhost file manager to upload zip files!!!


And how can I upload files when my speed is now of 0 bytes per second ?!? (even with the 000webhost file uploader)


Yes, I am using FileZilla.


Still working okay for me here what is your host files.000webhost.com?


Can you explain better, I do not understand what you mean by “What is your host files.000webhost.com


What host are you using to connect I assume files.000webhost.com?


Yes, I always use that host.


@Redall 000webhost is working on FTP issue and will be solved soon.