FTP timeout: black-listed by firewall?

Hello folks,
I have a problem with FTP, i think i’am on firewall black list because i try to upload/remove more files (composer vendors directory).

Any suggestion for remove old vendor directory? With FTP its too slow, a new feature “Fast delete (with ssh)” should be very great!
I can delete and re-upload with FTP but, if server ignore me its a problem :frowning:

Where i can write to support, for remove my ip?
Thanks :wink:

If you provide your current free 000webhostapp URL and your IP https://IPCHICKEN.com
I can let the network guys know and they’ll resolve at some point.

We impose limitations on 10k FTP requests per day and the ban lasts 7 days currently.

You can use a proxy, VPN, or restart your router to obtain a new IP in the meantime.

Best moving files using our File Manager instead :slight_smile:

Thanks informed developers anyhow

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