FTP timeout Uphead

I have website adress https://uphead.000webhostapp.com/
I try make download to the server
first time download was correct but now i see error 331
i try to change pass and put on/off ftp button in controlpanel
but in filezilla dont worked

i see error in filezilla like screenshot

Good day!

I believe your website is currently hosted on a FTP node which is currently experiencing downtimes. Please be patient and try again later.

We apologize for inconvenience :sweat:


& once you’ve regained access use Stable FM.

and what need to do with this php file?

Upload it to your FTP once you’ve regained access, then in the future you can always have FTP access.

what does this file do? what will ftp-access look like?

A web based file manager similar functions of what the official File Manager provides…