FTP Unable to Connect with FileZilla & FileManager

Set up a new free site. All goes OK until I select option “Upload Your Existing Website” get ‘Unable to Connect’ from browser when it tries for ‘http:// files.000webhost.com.handler.php’
Pasted this link into different browsers and always get ERR_CONNECTION_TIME_OUT

Tried using FileZilla (that I’m able to use to access other sites) but with 000webhost get same problem.

Gave up on trying to ‘Upload Your Existing Site’ and instead selected ‘WordPress’ option. This builds OK and when I go direct into site from browser I can see the WordPress page BUT… no way can I use FTP using Filezilla or File Manager to get into site.

Help appreciated, thanks

Sometimes this can be caused by firewall/antivirus/router blockages or network/ISP administrator.

First thing to try would be disabling antivirus similar software, failing that try a free proxy or VPN to see if the connection works which would reveal something locally blocking it.

Free VPN if required

SUCCESS !!! Thanks for the prompt response. What I did was, as you lead me, used VPN Tunnelbear that I’m familiar with and now both FileZilla & File Manager has access to your server. I’m using Windows 10 and for all who would be monitoring this post would like advice from ‘others’ on how to overcome this problem without resorting to VPNs
Once again thanks

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