Get Universal SSL certificate?


I use Cloudflare to handle my traffic, SSL is set to flexible but I need Universal SSL to get SSL working on my site, any ideas?


Have you followed my tutorial? It shows you how to set it up on our platform. Universal SSL is just the name of Cloudflare’s service, so as long as the setting is on flexible you should be fine.


Hi everybody thanks a lot for letting me post the comment for SSL certificate, iam also have few issues regarding i don’t have time to create a new thread in forums and follow up the comments i have been busy these days preparing for VMU EEE 2018


@Praveen1234 What issues, can you be more specific?

@CMFOG_Team @Praveen1234 Have you followed the tutorial?


Hi @CMFOG_Team!

If you want relative end-to-end encryption between 000webhost servers and Cloudflare please set the SSL mode from “Flexible” to “Full”.

By default we recommend you to use “Flexible” because it takes time for SSL certificates to be issued for your domain. But after issuance is over, better switch to “Full” for end-to-end encryption

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

I have followed all the steps to enable SSL to my site but it doesn’t work right.

When I use http:// the site loads normally

but when I use https:// the looks like this

Can you help me please

Thank you


Can i get screenshots of your dns tab in cloudflare


Hello Ayu,

here is my DNS tab


Set your ssl to flexible


Ayu I have set it up to flex but nothing changes.


Is it a wordpress website? :slight_smile:


@digibook Login to your wordpress admin portal,
Then go to “Settings” >> “General” and check if you’re using “https” for both the wordpress and site url’s.


Hello again,

My website is not a wordpress site it is an opencart site


Hey open config.php file in file manager and change your url to https in it.


Ayu hi,
nothing changed :frowning:


Okay change your credentials to temporary and send them to me. I will personally look into your problem


Sorry I’m new to this, witch credentials do you mean?


I mean your 000webhost email and your password. Change your password to temporary and then send them to me via message button on my profile.


ok thank you very much.

I will do this now


great :slight_smile: