Gmail not working. Pls help


Please can someone advise re problem I’m having not receiving emails to my gmail app email account after I set up and parked my domain to create new website at successfully yesterday.
I have not touched any of the email settings on 000webhost. Do I need to do something re the MX records?
Please can someone help?
Should I not use this service to host my website as have never had this problem previously?
Thanks. P


Are you using an email forwarder?


No. Not using email forwarder. Do i have to?


Yes, you have to, in order to get [something]


So what do I type in? I want to sort my email for my domain and all users. But I want to use the gmail mx servers?
how do I do this? Many thanks ckhawand.

Btw I sorted website build problems by adjusting all HTML to include https yesterday.



So is our problem solved?


No. My email problem is not solved at all
Pls help


Hi Please can you help.
I really need this email to work as its affecting us.
thanks again,


Have a look at this tutorial then :slight_smile:


Sorted. Under manage website name there is a drop down for mx records and includes set up for gmail there. All sorted despite you not pointing me to the correct solution. Thanks.