Go daddy domain, zoho mail, 000webhost hosting


Hi guys;

I bought a domain in go daddy but I want to use the free hosting services from 000webhost, I had a website hosted in 000webhost, so then after i bought the domain I added the domain in my profile, so it was working fine, I could search my website using my .com domain. The problem is that I want to use the free e-mail services from zoho also, so 000webhost doesn´t provide with the full options to add in the MX space the name and also the value fields. So throug go daddy If I make the configurations to make the e-mail work my DNS servers change so 000WEBhost stop to work, do someone know how to add the CNAME field in 000webhost?


Park your domain at cloudflare>Point it to 000webhost then set mx records in cloudflare
Here’s a tutorial on how to use cloudflare for SSL
How To Use Cloudflare For SSL