Good Job With FTP


The new ftp Looks Great Looks like this was the reason for the login errors.
looks like this has solved now.


oh what!! I saw a completely new FTP and when i refreshed i returned to normal
looks like they a testing new ftp layouts or something like that.
and due to this there are so many login errors.


What did you see? Did it look like 000webhost branded?


i saw a completely new layout which had a blue colored theme.


Am failing to connect to the ftp :frowning:


yes it was 000webhost branded.


Can you provide a screenshot of your error log yungcet?


Oh okay hopefully that is what they meant when they posted then.

Also a file manager if anyone can actually upload it first


It just redirect me to login on ftp


Can you provide a screenshot please?

Using FileZilla an error log will show like so


On FileZilla it could not connect to server


Command: USER yungceeworld
Response: 331 User yungceeworld OK. Password required
Command: PASS **********
Response: 421 Home directory not available - aborting
Error: Could not connect to server


421 error is being worked on sorry for the issues.


Oh i get it now.
anyways now we can just sit and wait untill fixed
but i still don’t know why it is working when i changed my ip-address to other country.


Its been a good 8 hours I’ve trying to login, :disappointed_relieved:


Working right now for me.

Must be a small portion of accounts affected.