Google reports one of my web pages as malicious/phishing page


Recently, Google has blocked a page on my website claiming it to be malicious/ phishing page.
It’s the sign in page and very important for the functioning of the website.

I got my code reviewed on codereview.stackexchange and most of the comments relate the issue to untrustworthiness of the host which happens to be 000webhost in my case.
Is there a reason why Google Safe Browsing distrusts 000webhost?

The code I have written is all good according to the review and there’s nothing malicious in it. It has to be the host that’s being marked by Google as malicious.

Please help me with this issue.


000webhost had been abused by lots of spammers and abusers, that’s why some big companies blocked our subdomains.
I recommend you grab a free domain from


Thanks for the response, wand :smiley:


@m_monk Try to report here, see if it helps.