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I uploaded my website a little while ago, it was working fine. Now it say’s ‘Website is no longer available’ it also say’s ’ The authors have deleted this site’ which I have not.
Also I can’t acess the site or build it again because the builder states ‘there is already a site with this name’ I don’t want another name. This maybe down to me getting confused over my login details, I’m not sure. I’ve had no email communication from 000webhost regarding this, I have sent an email but have had no response

So here is a link…

How do I get it up and running again?

Hello. I cannot find information about your website in database. Please recheck the name and try again.

When was the last time you’ve accessed 000webhost cPanel? (before yesterday)

It would appear this site was deleted more than 3 months ago?


What was your email to login and when did you last login?

I can see the email was deleted 4 months ago along with websites for inactivity.

It would appear inactivity was the cause for deletion.

Simply create a new website using alternative naming and continue learning on the free platform until ready to upgrade.

I don’t want to use another site name, this name says it all really. Can’t this site be reactivated or redeployed? this would make life so much easier

Sadly not deleted subdomains cannot be reused.

Pitty, Well thanks for the prompt reply’s Infinity appreciated

Apologies I can’t assist more in this situation but we don’t have any backup system on the free plan at all and the subdomains unable to be reused in a backend thing we don’t have any input on sadly.

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