Hack 000webhost and get rewarded!


Sounds weird, huh?

Well, while it seems weird, we are most concerned about our user’s security, and try to hack ourselves to discover exploits.
And…It’s now your turn!
Here’s how it works:

  • Discover an exploit.
  • Report it here by sending an email to moderator@000webhost.com, with how you could hack us (if you can include a video too).
  • We’ll reward you, ranging from one additional website, to free Hostinger services, depending on the seriousness of the discovered exploit.


  • Phishing pages do not count!
  • The exploit must be valid and undiscovered!

Yours sincerely
000webhost moderators & developers

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Please send your exploit to moderator@000webhost.com
Also, if you have any question about that, do not hesitate to open a new topic.