Has the domain pointing changed yet?

I very distinctly remember that 000webhost has made pointing domains a paid-for feature and now my website is not secured because of this. Currently, I can’t use Cloudflare on my website because I didn’t do it before a deadline. I was wondering if this change would get reversed as initially, I remember it being called a test, now that this is dragging on I was wondering if there is any hope of it getting reversed. This is a very important topic for me and I will definitely start thinking about alternative hosting if this is permanent.

I do understand that I will probably get banned just because I said that, it happened that way for my discord.

Hi as per the thread in the news section the feature is premium only.

I tonight have linked my domain via hostinger nameservers with the single plan with no problem

that sucks, i take it that there is no chance that it will be reversed then

Maybe in the future we will add a cart option and have options of purchasing the usage of a custom domain and purchasing custom domains etc.