Having 000webhost related issues? Try this quick fix!


Hello 000webhost community!

Today, we are glad to announce that our developers have worked hard to make a wonderful button available, that solves most of 000webhost related problems with just a single click!
That button does magic actually :slight_smile:
We have removed the Fix files permissions button, and replaced it with a Repair button.

The Magic:

  1. Fixes file permissions
  2. Fixes FTP related issues
  3. Fixes database issues
  4. Fixes cron job issues
  5. Fixes send mail() issues
  6. Fixes DNS (park/point domain) issues

To find it:

  1. Login to 000webhost
  2. Hit the Manage button of the website you want to repair
  3. Hover onto Settings
  4. Hit General
  5. Scroll down till you find

Hope this will help solve many of your problems!

How to find why my website is not responding?

Will it reset domains I have parked for it?


I can confirm that it won’t :slight_smile:


Thanks, lol :grinning::grinning:


Thanks for telling us this, never know when we might need to do it :slight_smile:


Can you tell me where is the Manage button ? I can’t access my website because of a DNS issue , please help


It is just below website name in cpanel