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Hi. I have a website hosted in 000web host with a 000webhost’ s subdomain. Now, I’m about to buy a custom domain but i have the following doubt. Once I buy my own domain and point my current 000webhost subdomain to my custom domain, will the 000webhost subdomain appear in the url or not? And I have another question as well. If I use my the free hosting plan to host my web with the new custom domain in 000webhost, will the “powered by 000webhost” banner appear on the right bottom edge? I hope you were able to understand me since I’m not a native English speaker.
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Hi there.

Whether or not the custom domain will appear depends on your script, as well as what address you actually access the website from. If you point to, you’ll be able to visit the site from both URLs; the exception here is any script that sets a default URL (such as Wordpress), in which case you simply need to update the settings to the new domain.

If you buy a domain through and point it, the banner can be removed; if you buy the domain through any other provider, you will not be able to remove the banner.


Ok, so are you 100% sure that if I buy my custom domain through hostigner, the “powered by 000webhost” banner will be removed even if I continue to use the free hosting plan with my custom domain?


100% if you purchase a domain via our panel / Hostinger banner can be turned off yes :slight_smile:

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Hi. I want to let you know that I finally bought a domain through HOSTIGNER and the banner “powered by 000host” still appears. In addition, with the previously domain the contact form I have on my website worked, now with the new domain it does not. I removed the new domain and put back the old but the form still does not work.
If anyone can give a hand I will appreciate that. If for some reason I cannot make it work again I will request a refund.

Sure can you screenshot your domain via the Hostinger Panel? Or let me know the domain name you’ve purchased via Hostinger - it likely just will take 24 hours after purchasing for the domain to be linked correctly via our panel :slight_smile:

As I was trying to fix the issue with the form, which I think I did thanks to phpmailer, I got my account suspended. I was able to remove the “powered by 000webhost” through some css. If I encounter any other problem I will let you know thank you.
Btw, just in case you wanted to know the domain I purchased was

Removal of banner with any kind of code will likely result in suspension.
If you’ve purchased the domain with us simply screenshot the DNS entries on Hostinger control panel and I’ll contact the correct dept to remove banner / resolve this issue for future purchases.

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Yes, I believe that was the reason why I got my account suspended since I use a script to remove the banner. The DNS entries on hostinger are the following: Screenshot 2021-03-13 at 17.29.09 . I hope I can get my account back ASAP

Sorry for any delay in response, I’ve notified the team and hopefully you’ll be back up and running now :slight_smile:

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