HELP: How to create a new subpage on Zyro Web Builder?

I would like to create a new subpage on Zyro Web Builder for 000webhost members, but there is no option to do that. How to add a new subpage (ex. Thanks!

I don’t quite understand what you mean - have you already created a website in the free website builder?

Yes. I did creating a website on Zyro (that is, the free web builder).

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And I also need to add a subpage on a page (example: if not added, then 000webhost(dot)000webhostapp(dot)com/web/home).

I’ve not seen subpages used before unsure if it is a feature does it depend on what template you choose?
What settings/menu etc do you get?

It depends on the template I’m using. I got it from the “Edit Menu Items” option, but the menu item editor doesn’t want to use the “New Subpage” button, and create it.

Hmm I’ll check when on a suitable device in 5-6 hours unless @ckhawand has any ideas on the Zyro?

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Yes, I will wait to check when a suitable device in five to six hours or the person has any ideas on this web builder.

I’ve made an edit but not published.

So I went to edit

New page

Then drag it

Green just kind of puts it under for me

When it turns red under the page you want to have it.

While red alines it under and over a bit?

If that made any sense.

Thanks for your help! I got it.

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