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Hi am here building a site for class. I create the site in Dreamweaver, than upload it to the public_html folder. Overall it looks great, BUT my images do not show up! The teacher and I have tried several things and nothing is working. My site is
I have the images in the images folder within the public_html folder.
The code I use for one of the images is “
This is how the teacher told me to code it. But it does not change anything and the images are still not showing.
What is wrong?

Our hosting is case sensitive unlike Windows environment, thus you must make sure your coding matches that of your files uploaded.

You can use developer tools on your browser to diagnose issues :slight_smile:

Your webpage has been coded to look for the images in the location

And so on, but your actual images folder you’ve uploaded has an uppercase Images :slight_smile:

Ensure the correct case is used for the uploaded files versus the coding in the webpage.

I would simply change all future files/folders/coding to lowercase to avoid issues :smiley:

Also just to note the logo PNG one you mentioned is not being used in my page. The logo_2.png is the one I am using and is in the code.

Thank you! Actually I had noticed the difference in the one and changed it. It did not change anything. Any other ideas?

Doesn’t APPEAR that anything has changed?

When I check your page code >

It is still looking for lowercase images and uppercase file name.

You need to ensure your page code matches that of your uploaded files…

i.e. your uploaded images folder is still UPPERCASE Images

I had not noticed that and it made the difference. My images are showing up!! Thank you SO SO Much for your help!!! Doing the happy dance!!


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