Help me with email configuration


Hi. I have an domain,, and my web host site is in here.
I configure my nameservers and all in my site is ok, i digit the site adress and i go to my website.
The problem is with the email. How i can continue to use this email? Please help me urgenntly!!!

Thanks a lot!!


Where did you buy your domain?

How can you say it is a problem with email?


I bougu
Because i send an email to and don’t enter in inbox. I talk to my domain service, and they tell me to configure that in my host website.
Can you help me to solve the problem?


I bough in


Please check your spam folder.


The email dont enter in any email folder. And i receive a message error in my personal email, with the copy of original email.


What is the email you receive?


I dont have here the copy of email, but is something like this, " your email message was enable to be sent because the conection to your email server was interrupted."


Yeah. I’ll forward this to admins. BTW, what your website address?


I call to my domain help, and they tell me that is a problem of configuration in host web site.
I’m looking in here, everywhere, and i dont know where i can do that.





Thanks. I think this a problem in our side. If so, it will be solved soon. :wink:


:slight_smile:Thank you a lot!! :slight_smile:


Can you help to configure email correctly? I’m with the same problem…