Help, my page does not load content on tablet or laptop phones


Hello everybody, please I need help I am developing a page www.perinoladesign.tk1 I got the free domain and address it well but the problem is when I try to open the page from a tablet or laptop! On my computer it works fine it shows all the content but I open the link from another device and only load the background of the sections! It is a page under construction but I would like to see if it can work on any device please if someone can help me thankful.


Can you please screenshot the problem on a tablet of phone?


¿Puedes hacer una captura de pantalla del problema en una tableta de teléfono?

Ok gracias, esta es la captura de pantalla de la pagina abierta desde mi ordenador de mesa, puedo observar el contenido de esta seccion y los botones que abren una ventana modal. Debajo esta una captura de pantalla desde una laptop en la misma zona de la pagina y no muestra el contenido de la seccion sino el color de fondo nada mas.


thank s and what does your site look like on mobile. screenshots?


Your site doesn’t appear to load for me correctly on Chrome unless you have no content yet.


Friend thanks for continuing to respond the page looks just the same color and background image. If you click on the section “Portfolio” to all that blue zone it shows some images that are there but the problem is that they can not be seen from the beginning because if you see the source code of the page or you give inspection it can see if the code is!


Friend there is loading the background color of that section but it is not showing the content and if you see the source code of the page you realize that if there is content to show! If you click on the portfolio area you can see some images that are in that section that are of sample but should show it from the beginning! It does not show complete I do not know because but it is in some devices yesterday I opened it from internet explorer and it shows the disordered content but if it shows it! Thanks any ideas you can give me excellent grateful.


Thank you and solve, set some things in the code on localhost and delete the files that I uploaded and uploaded them again already improved thanks …