HELP! My Wordpress Website dissapeared


My wordpress web suddenly went blank while designing it. I tried to repair from settings, and I don’t know how it is possible, but wordpress was reinstalled from scratch. All my web files and folder public_html are still hosted because I can download them and see them through FTP. Problem now is I am not able to “connect” wordpress with those old files. I do not know what is happening, neither what to do. I’m desperate… Anybody please can help me?
Thank you very much.


Hi @pilar.l.calvo!

What is your website URL?


Hi, this is my url . I need to fix it for an urgent university work :frowning:


To clarify, you want to restore the posts/settings from the previous Wordpress site?


Yes. Now I can see my old public_html file using FTP, Nevertheless my url show me a new empty wordpress web. I need to restore my old files in order to restore my old web I was working on yesterday. Than you very much

  1. Wordpress does not store the posts/settings into files but to a database. Only extensions/static files are stored as raw data to the storage layer. Hopefully the “Fix website” button did not removed them…

  2. I have restored the connection to the previous database. Please try logging in now and see if everything is ok:


Thank you! It seems to be restored! But now I am experimenting “504 Gateway Time-out”. Must I wait for something? thank you very much!


Theoretically yes, you must wait another hour. But it is not related to previous problem. :wink:

This issue occurs because you have exceeded the max_queries_per_hour database resource. For more information please read this topic:


Hi , i am so greatful for your help, but now I find another problem: webpage has dissapeared again. I think is the same problem that made the web dissapeared the first time, something that happens when I upgrade one of the pages. I had done backups before going on working on it but I can’t even get into /wp-admin in order to restore it. Could you restore the connection to the previous database again? One more time, I am really greatful for your help. Best whishes.


The /wp-admin loads fine on my end :slight_smile:


Thank you so much. It is possible to know what is the action which generate this problem? I know It happens when I update one of the pages. But I need to do that and I am afraid it happens again… Than you!


I believe it is because of the rate limiting policy :slight_smile: