Help: server DNS address could not be found


My site can’t be found at my custom domain. I receive the error “server DNS address could not be found”. It works with 000webhost in the url, but not without it. I’ve changed the nameservers where it’s registered (godaddy) and waited a week. Other sites that I created work fine. The site is

What am I missing?


Hi @PhotonHunter!

Please follow this tutorial to link point domain to your website properly. Use only one method: either Name Server parking or CNAME records. I suggest you the domain parking:


Thanks, but I have already done this and confirmed it. Still not working. Any other ideas?


What is the 000webhost website in question?



Please go to 000webhost cPanel > Set web address > Add > Park domain > and wait for Name Servers to propagate.

After Name Servers have propagated, please go to 000webhost cPanel > Set web address > > Manage > Link domain and link your domain to your website.


It says you have reached the maximum number of domains.


Ok, then please delete/unlink domain and park it again.

The Name Servers for have not yet fully propagated, so it may take a little more time.


Where do I do that? It’s not listed. I have 2 other domains and a subdomain showing, but not this domain.


You can have only two virtual hosts (domains) linked per website.


I have two websites and three domains. Two domains point to one website and the other domain points to the one I’m having the problem with. Do I need to create a separate account for Gardenspotobservatory?


domain points to the one I’m having the problem with.

You need to remove the domain/subdomain in order to park and link


But I see no domain/subdomain linked to


Please screenshot 000webhost cPanel > Set web address section from



Yes, you already have two domains linked to that website, which is the maximum allowed.


OK. How do I remove Gardenspotobservatory from this account so I can step another with it?


You should be able to link it somewhere else without problems, as the domain is not even parked yet :wink:


That was the key. Thanks!


You’re welcome :blush: