Help! Subdomain already taken when trying to migrate to new


Hi there,

I’ve followed all the instructions and deleted my old account. The e-mail address is the same for the old and new account which is

The subdomain was but when I try to link this subdomain, it says it’s already taken and won’t allow it.

Please help. Thanks!!


@Pomywood Sry the email for free subdomain “” is not "".
Actual email related to your free subdomain is m*a*e*a*c*@r*g*

So you need to verify this email m*a*e*a*c*@r*g* to link your free subdomain.


That e-mail address is no longer valid. Back in December, the administrators had changed it to for me.


@Pomywood ok i’ve changed your email for subdomain “” to "".
Now you can be able to link your free subdomain.


Thank you so much!! It let me link them, but now when I go to the old address, it’s still bringing up the error page saying i need to migrate, which I did :expressionless:

What am I doing wrong :frowning:


@Pomywood Its DNS propagation issue. Give it some time.
And use google dns.
Below tutorial will help you.


Thank you, much appreciated. I don’t mind waiting as long as it’s fixed :slight_smile: Thanks for all your help!!


Any issues do post back or PM me. :slight_smile: