Help! The content of my site is not updated


Help me please! The content of my site is not updated.
I update the site through the file manager. For example, I change the styles css, but nothing happens.
Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Thank you in advance!


Tried hitting CTRL F5?


Yes of course) The contents of the html file are updated, but not the css file.


Try visiting the css file from your browser


Its work correctly from my browser and yesterday everything worked fine but not now. Even when I delete the content of the css file, the design remains the same as it was yesterday.


Here my site:
He already has the top menu I created yesterday. But today I can’t change nopthing (in css) in it.


ckhawand. If you want I can share my screen from my pc for example by using teamviewer… or another programme. Maybe it help to deicide my probleme.


Try visiting



Not the one I sent :slight_smile:


Yeah … I forgot to write the path to the css :joy:
I went to the site as you said and I get content of my CSS. But now I can’t to log in on the site and I can’t change my files.


Login details are not correct?


yes, login details are not correct


Working on a fix
ETA: max. 1 week
Need it now?
After all it’s free hosting which is quite resource hungry, upgrade to benefit from better services


Does it work now? :1234:


Now I can log in to file manager site, but when I change styles or content of html my web page is not updated.


now it work! I can change styles!