Help with BrightSign players


Hello. I am new here and just learning my way around so please forgive me if this has been asked already or if it may be elementary to some of you.

I have a few clients that are using BrightSigns HD220 and HD222 units to display menus, specials, etc in their businesses. I was originally using DropBox for this and they stopped support in September. According to the techs at BrightSigns, they say I need to find an FTP/ File Server that “offers static URLs to web folders and media files inside that folders”

Does 000webhost allow ftp access, and is it able to act as a file server?

If not, can someone recommend a site that will do this? I have found out that, filezilla, and google drive are not suitable options.

Thanks in advance!


Google Drive or

I wouldn’t recommend 000webhost for this type of use no.


I’ll try, google drive is not an option. Thanks