Help with: ftp_put(): Disk full - please upload later

I’m receiving this error even though I’m using less that 25% of my allotted space. Is there anything I or someone else can do to fix this?

ftp_put(): Disk full - please upload later

I’ve tried uploading via FTP and the File Manager and neither work.
The site is


Can you try now please?

Still seeing this error. I’m not even able to edit a file using the File Manager.

I was able to upload a little last night but this morning I’m seeing the error again. I was planning to upgrade to the paid hosting but now I’m not sure.

Will this problem still occur with a paid account?

No FTP issues on paid hosting no and no storage issues there.
I’ve asked a developer to check your issue here.

Seems to have cleared up I think for your account as I managed to upload test files and no issues.