Help wordpress wiped my webpage

So i downloaded wordpress and it completely wiped my website. how do i undo this

You can post your URL? :slight_smile:

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Looks fine here?

Where is the issue please?

every customer so far has typed in our webadress and it shows something blank with blog and thats it

when you go to my website www.
it now shows nothing there.
when i go to my editor on webhost it shows my index with my website info and correctly. but i cant seem to get it to reflect on the web page

Hmm unsure at the time of posting it was working fine.

I can see from the logs you’ve removed the domain now.

Removed domain 2019-08-06

Depending on if you fully removed it, you may not be able to add it back since the domain feature has been removed, it would work if users didn’t modify or remove it but since you’ve removed the domain it will be unlikely the function to set web address will even appear in your panel now as it has been removed.