Hexa Feedback is Released! 💬


Hello Community Members!

I have some exciting new to share with you all. After lots of hard work, we have finally been able to release the Hexa Feedback tool. It’s still in heavy beta, but will be released in a stable version soon. We’d like each and every 000webhost community member to try our new tool, that’s why we’re offering users to try it for free! That’s right, free! To get the feedback tool on your site, simply PM me the below details.


  • Site hex color (ex: #FFFFFF)

  • Whether it should be on the left or right side of page

  • Modal title text (ex: Rate This Website)

  • Feedback message (ex: Welcome to our website! If you wouldn’t mind, can you please leave us a feedback and a rating? Thanks!)

  • The email address to receive submissions

That’s all! It’s not all that simple to set up a new instance on our servers, so please be patient. Once we’ve created it, we’ll send you the javascript code to include in your pages.

Best of Luck!


Founder & CEO at Hexa / 000webhost staff



(DISCLAIMER: This software is in beta and may contain bugs. We are not liable for any issues caused by any malfunctions.)

Coding problem in php

it looks nice will be good to try something like this for free


Sounds great @AwadGorg. If you’d be interested, please PM the prerequisites so I can get you setup. :slight_smile:


pm? PM the prerequisites


Click on my username below and click “Message”



Is it still working @austin


@ckhawand Yes, but no longer maintained.