Hi I need help for my website. This will be presented tomorrow to my school


My website was block. It says “Sleeping” but with violations.
Tomorrow will be our defense day for thesis and I don’t know what to do now. Helppp meeee



Your site simply exceeded resources allocated, the site should be online again.
If it happens again then you may have to upgrade to Hostinger to resolve the issue or seek alternative free hosting


hi sir thank you for the reply! tomorrow will be our defense will it work?


As long as requests aren’t exceeding the limits then no reason why it won’t


Hi sir my website worked now. This is the only freehosting site I know and I don’t have enough time to learn other. How would I limit the resources being exceeded?


If it uses database make sure your queries are correct and optimized


okay sir thank you very much. I will check


If it will sleep again sir due to violation, will it be fix again sir?


Sir, I am not able to log in to my files.It says login incorrect


Head to general settings, toggle FTP off and on.


Thank you sir so much! It worked now. :’(


Sir I have one last concern. copy() doesnt seem to work when I upload image from my directory to a folder inside my public html. What could be the possible solution for this. Btw it works on my localhost


Sir my website became so slow it took long before it load. And sometime it says 504 Gateway Time-out. I only have 5 hrs left before my thesis defense :’(


Probably related Rate Limiting Policy


Reset will clear all data, there isn’t anything you or I can do to speed up the timeout.
Ensure your queries are optimised.