Host adult sites


Hello can I host adult sites here and if yes then how?


Yes, you can, but be sure to turn adult contents on in your cPanel>Settings>General.


I think that’s why my account got suspended because I don’t know about that option can you please reactivate my account and I will turn on this option right now will you please help me




Hello sir my account is suspended for abuse. I have a website which contain adult content but I swear I didn’t know that it is against the rules and my account get suspended. I am sorry about that and I promise I will remove all adult content and I will upgrade to premium and I always recommend it to my all friends and they also use it. So sir please reactivate my account and this won’t happen again.


I have unsuspended your website.
Keep in mind, do not store adult videos here, else your account will be suspended again :wink:


Thanks so much but if I turn on the option of adult website then still my account got suspended again or not?


As long as you do not store your videos here, you will not be suspended.


I don’t know if videos are stored on my website or not. Can you please have a look at it and tell me if my account will be suspended again or not?


I do not see any video on your website, yet…


Wait let me see and I think there were videos


Hey please help me my website is not responding it’s link is but it is opening from please resolve it


What are your database credentials?


What is your cPanel email and password?


Your login details are not correct.


To access your database and change the old links to new links


Try accessing your site now :slight_smile:
Also, @NGiNX are sites like that allowed here if adult option is on?


Hi @Playboy!

000webhost has been intended to be a free hosting provider for web developers and students, to test their skills and give them an opportunity to see how cloud hosting actually works. Any kind of hacking materials, BOTs, proxies, file leeching and adult content is prohibited.

True, we have some options to declare whether the website contains adult content or not, but they are planned to be ruled out in a very short period of time. Our services are facing constant updates each and every day.

In addition, if you are planning on starting an adult site business, I suggest you to buy a paid plan: