Hosted files are not appearing on ebay


Greetings. I am currently hosting my pictures and my eBay template on this site, but it has been two weeks (i think) hat the pictures and my template is not there anymore.

It will say “This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found.”

My site is not sleeping. It shows “running”. When I go to my file manager, all the pictures and the codes are still hosted there and can be previewed, But it is not working on eBay! Please help.


Working fine here, what OS are you using? :slight_smile:


I can see following in your site. Are you sure you uploaded index.php or index.html?


I am using Windows 10. The layout codes and the images are not appearing on my ebay ads:


i followed this link: How to Set Up Directory listing but nothing happened


Try this


Thanks. I will try this one. But this is not also just for windows 10. My template is a mobile friendly layout but the images does not appear on mobiles too.


Hit ctrl + f5 and reply your result :wine_glass:


still nothing. I followed the tutorials and uploaded an index but to no avail :sweat::disappointed_relieved:


So you did changed your DNS to google’s ones?


Yes i did but still nothing is happening. I also tried other pc and the codes are images are not working :frowning: