Hosting has not been working for 3 days


Today the site is practically unavailable all day. Yesterday, too. And the day before yesterday. Will you start working normally or should I look for a new hosting?


I see you’re using wordpress, your site may be down due to SQL overloading.
If you have a lot of plugins, please uninstall useless ones.
Have a look at the rate limiting policy


Think up another answer. Month all worked without failures. But suddenly there were too many plug-ins. And even more so, why is nothing reflected in the personal cabinet in the statistics?


Nothing will show up on your statistics, just try uninstalling some useless plugins and things should work better


And how can I delete them if I can not go to the admin area?


What does it show when trying to login?


does not say anything. It just does not load


I’ll check that for you


Your website loads fine on my end

Try clearing your browser cache, hit CTRL+F5, and flush your DNS.


Yes, it took 5 minutes to load


5 seconds on my end :slight_smile:
Please run a speed test and share your results here


Hi @Vorovtsev!

The problem are your Wordpress plug-ins consuming too much of MySQL resources.

To remove them manually, please go to File Manager > /public_html/wp-content/plugins and rename the plug-ins you want to remove by adding a dash in front of them.



Try @NGiNX solution, I think it’ll solve your issue


Removed everything without which I can manage, but the jetpack again signaled that the site is lying


Your website is loading fine now. 5 seconds delay. Press CTRL+F5 to refresh the webpage.

but the jetpack again signaled that the site is lying

What? :confused:


The notification came from the Jetpack plug-in that the site is unavailable.


Oh yes, that because Jetpack has been disabled for your website.


But the site is still unavailable


Have you removed all your plug-ins?

What themes do you have installed? can you remember.?..