Hosting has not been working for 3 days


I did not delete everything, but only not necessary plug-ins. The theme is standard twentyseventeen


I did not delete everything

What other plug-ins do you have? I am sorry this takes so much time… but the plug-ins are the key problem.


I left these plugins here: 2D tag cloud, AdRotate, Discus Comment System, Insert post ads, Jetpack, Menu icons, Opacity tags, Post Views Counter, Pretty link, Recent post widget Extended, Revive old post, RusToLat, Simple drop cap, UpToLike, WooCommerce, WP Popular post, WPTouch mobile plugin, Leyka. For today the site did not work 8 more times


There are a lot actually… I think you should disable:

  1. Jetpack
  2. 2D tag cloud
  3. WP Popular post

I am not sure which plug-ins actually eat a lot. The best way to resolve this issue is either buying a paid plan, either moving to another hosting provider which offers more resources.


Disable plugins. There are no improvements. It still works for a few minutes, and then the site is unavailable for about half an hour. It seems that it’s not about plug-ins.


All nodes are up. The website is loading now.

Also, your website is loading too much resources by done. One complete request consumes 8MB. Not even Facebook loads that much resources. I am sorry to say but I will no longer investigate this issue as the problem is obvious.

  1. Either you stop some of your website features by elimination
  2. Either buy a paid plan
  3. Either move to another hosting provider.