Hostinger Premium

Hi, I’ve been using 000 for a few months and I’m really enjoying the service as a whole, I’m thinking of making a website soon that I want to be more professional and something I’m really going to work on. Anyway, this time when I got the little popup about upgrading I actually clicked the link to check it out and straight away I noticed two things that annoyed me/put me off.

  1. you can only pay in ‘chunks’ (ie quarterly, yearly etc.) why is there no monthly option? every other host I’ve ever used had this and for me even though this is very minor its a dealbreaker.

  2. extra cost for SSL certificate, most hosts I’ve been looking at offer this for free these days.

Potential third gripe, is the cloudflare (lifetime) option just the basic option if you do it yourself on cloudflares own website (you know, the free option) or is it one of the paid plans and they just have some sort of arrangement with cloudflare?

I’m not trying to have a go or anything I like 000webhost/hostinger. I’m just letting you know from my point of view it’s not all that appealing even if the price is still quite decent.

  1. yeah this annoys me also I’d rather it be monthly as well - I’ve passed this comment on.
  2. you’ve got Let’s Encrypt / CloudFlare self install
  3. The lifetime option powered by Let’s Encrypt it appears

well it’s good to know 2/3 aren’t really big issues, still though for my first impressions and possible the first impressions of anyone else who was thinking of upgrading to hostinger it could be off putting and maybe losing them sales.

Yeah it probably is a major factor that monthly payments aren’t offered that people will go elsewhere but it also deters phishing and abusive accounts weirdly enough.

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monthly payments are now a thing :slight_smile: