If i upgrade to hostinger shall it have the same ZyroWebsiteBuilder as



Yes! Hostinger does include Zyro, along with many other software packages that you can easily install. :wink:

Use the link below to upgrade!


Hi @4085369

You can check hostinger features here

I think they allow you to check their zyro configuration in the cPanel in their demo page


Also, here is a screenshot of what Zyro looks like. :smile:



Got it




I got it



Why is there a offer for a SSLCertificate

Because when i inquired about the PremiumHosting the

SSLCertificate be included in the package


this is odd. If you don’t want to pay the $9, you could select “No, thank you, I will take the risk” and then you could use CloudFlare to get free https.


I said that the SSLCertificate be included in the PremiumHosting so

if i get the PremiumHosting i would not need to pay $9 for the


Do you agree about that


Did you use this link to upgrade? As I said, if this link doesn’t let you have free ssl, just order it and set your domain up through CloudFlare. :wink:


I did not upgrade yet and i inquired about the HostingerHosting

through my 000webhostingAccount

It does not matter how i inquired about it because it be the same

PremiumHosing result so if i upgrade to the PremiumPlan the

SSLCertificate would be include and i would not need to pay for it

Am i correct about that


Wait, you can contact hostinger on their demo cPanel



You will need to use the link below, and when ordering, make sure to choose the yearly plan, otherwise SSL will not be free. Plus, you will also save money by going with yearly.



I shall inquire about it :sunglasses:




It states that the PremiumPlan provides a free SSLCertificate

It does not state a mandatory while of time a costumer would need

to choose to obtain a free SSLCertificate


You are required to chose the yearly version of that plan in order to get free SSL. Otherwise, you need to use CloudFlare.


I inquired again and not anywhere it states that

The SSLCertificate be free with the PremiumPlan

You said that it comes with a year

Where does it state that because if it comes with the PremiumPlan

i suppose that it would not matter for how long the plan be being

Wgat do you suppose


I contacted one of the admins yesterday, and here is our conversation:

Me: why when a user orders premium hosting, it says free ssl, but on checkout, it says $9?

Admin: Hey, are you sure the user is purchasing yearly plan?

Me: do they need the yearly plan to have ssl?

Admin: Yes. Free ssl comes with annual plans :slight_smile:



That not be correct

That is FalseAdvertisement

I shall make a call later and talk about it

Thanks anyway


This is not false advertisement. If you chose the annual plan, you are actually getting the ssl and saving money. If you choose monthly, you get no SSL for free and you lose out on money that you can save on the annual plan.