How can I do this in the new cpannel?


Hi Every one sorry if this stupid question, and i know that it is to most of you on this site but after read so many posts on here I am thoroughly confused. In the old fill manager1 on the old cpannel when I added something to me public_html file area like a .png or a .jpg or a text file there were 3 choices of things i could do with them.

At the end or the line it said VIEW EDIT or OPEN. If I right clicked on open I copy the link and paste it to and new browser window and it would appear. How can I do this in the new cpannel?
As u can tell when it comes to this computer stuff I’m a real dummy!!!

Thanks in advance

P/s: dich vu giup viec gia dinh uy tin
My name is Qmat, I am a movie actor, living and working in Canada


Hi @quaymat321234!

In order to access your website FTP you can either use a FTP client (such as FileZilla; see this topic to learn how to set it up), or you can connect throught File Manager (also accessible at: cPanel > File manager; use your website’s credentials to login).

In the new cPanel, in File Manager, you can view images or text files directly by double clicking on them :wink:
You have other operations available such as “Rename”, “Move”, and so on. Just right click on a file/folder to explore.