How can I get the ip address of my domain


I creat web from here, i also buy a domain from another company, so I need to have a ip address to start my domain.
please help…thank you


Website IP is dynamic. So there is no IP to point to. Follow this tutorial and use 000webhost nameservers to point your domain.


thank you, settled.
one more enquirey, when I finished edit one page, turn to another page to edit,it takes long time to loading, and finally stop on loading page…
and I can’t receiced the email when I test the website.


Receive what email


the page stop here and can’t go head…


Tried a different browser?


it’s not like this when i edit the page before add the map function…also the map can’t come out show on the website now.


I also try another browser, it’s the same situation.


my problem still can not solved, i can not edit my web page…how can i solve it ? thank you

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