How can I park two domains on one website


Is it possible to park two external domains on to one website?

I have two domains, a .uk and a I setup my website and parked the .uk domain, and all has been well for a couple of weeks. When I came to parking the domain I went through the same process: change nameservers on the domain, park the domain and link to my website. This went through OK, but I have now lost the link from the original domain. When I follow the .uk domain I get ‘Website is no longer available – The authors have deleted this site’, which thankfully they haven’t. The status of the .uk domain is now shown as Ready, the linked website is no longer listed.

On the control panel it says ‘To make website accessible via one or more non-000webhost domain names…’ and then shows the example of parking domains. I would try to link the .uk domain again, but I suspect it will do to the link what it did to the .uk link.

Is this possible with parking or is there a different way to go about it? This question has been asked before but with no satisfactory resolution that I can find.


I think you can only park 1 domain


I think you’re right. The quote from 0H is misleading, at least. I suppose I could set up website no 2 and park the second domain on there, and just have a tiny index.html file with a noscript meta zero time redirect and a javascript window.location set to website no 1. I know there are some that despise javascript but this works a dream. Then there’s Htaccess but that seems too brave for me at the moment.


I would go with the new site, park against that and use a meta redirect or you could use .htaccess but meta is easier :slight_smile:


Just redirect all parked domain to single hosted domain.


Is that different from what has been proposed? I can’t see an option to redirect a domain in 0W.