How can I set up sending email with my domain in my free account?


Before I was using webmail of roundcube, great stuff, but, now I cannot do it.
So, how can I send email out with my own domain in my free account?



Hi !

000webhost free plans do not offer a personal mailbox. You can only forward incoming emails to certain addresses.


Thanks for your fastest response.
So, does that means “I cannot send out email with my own domain name.”?



Not without using a third party service using the “send as” option but these often get marked as spam as there is no authentication to prove you are who is sending the email if that makes any sense.

i.e. if you had and you have the ability to add send as "" I’m not sure if Microsoft still offer that feature within Hotmail/Outlook


Yes. We can try cc to us with our own domain name.
But, It’s not convenient as for somehow, the other side, receiver, won’t accept. They only accept company email address.


Would you be interested in using third party mailing services?
If you’ve got a domain parked at 000webhost currently you’d just need to change your MX record on 000webhost


Then, it’s time to find some other method now.


Thanks. It’s a good idea.
But, I cannot find the location for MX record.


000webhost changed these years.


You wouldn’t know what MX record to set until you choose a provider