How can use my own domain instead of 000webhost?



Yep keep smacking that button.

What is your domain?


My domain is


Can you screenshot the nameservers screen from your registrar where you bought the domain?

ns3: nil
ns4: nil do not use



Remove the bottom two :slight_smile:


I removed it before but still back i will remove it again




Have you hit recheck nameservers in 000webhost yet?


When i hit it does not works


Yes i have, but nothing is happen


It can take UP TO 48 hours but usually a lot sooner; you’ll just need to keep checking back.

Or you can try hitting general settings > reset and re-adding it.


Okay Thanks
i will wait for tomorrow if nothing happen will reset it


Now i have this, but how can i use the futures of this domain ??


And still i have in my website


Hit manage then link then choose logy-restaraunt.000webhost! :slight_smile:


How can i use .mydomain Please …


If you haven’t already hit manage then link your site.

000webhostapp url will always show within your control panel but you know that your real address is
any content you upload will show :slight_smile:


I upgraded to this category


And i still have this statistic, Why ?? can you explain ??