How do I know if my account has been deleted or just frozen?


I’m not able to access the panel and my sites are out ( and

I cannot recover/change the account password.

How do I know if this account can be recovered or if I will have to create a new one?



Hey there - welcome to the community! I just took a look in our systems using the email address registered with your forum account, and I’m seeing an account created today with one website. Is this the account in question or do you have another account on our platform under another email address?

Looking forward to your reply.

You had an account signed up in 2019 which was then deleted for user inactivity in June 2020.

You then signed up a new account 14th September, which you then deleted fairly quickly with reason

	Conta foi feita por engano, na verdade estou tentando recuperar uma conta minha que já uso a anos e de repente apareceu fora do ar.

Please login once per month with your new account to avoid inactive learner removal.

Both of your custom domains are still pointing to our free hosting, so feel free to make new account and add your custom domain on each account etc :slight_smile:

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