How do i point my domain..?


You need to point your domain to our nameservers and wait 24 hours.


Dear All,

My domain is parked with an ISP provider, and they cannot change the nameserver because they say it is not valid. ( and I also ran the domain checker and there was a problem and my domain name handler say he cannot change it until it is fixed. Can someone tell me what is the problem and how to get around it?
Many thanks. See this below:
M-GREET -I- [] Domi version 20090701
M-PRIF -E- [] Cannot get SOA from nshost_a (nshost)
thanks for any suggestions.


If you still didn’t know how to point your domain, send me an email aking for it.
I’ll make a good tutorila to you, step by step.:slight_smile:


I’d like to know HOW to post a new thread!!!11


To create a new thread, select the forum you want and new click New Thread at the top left.


ty i need a lot of help!!


I’ve got very confusing trouble with my web site-
1.I have and external domain (let’s say-
2. Register hosting on 000webhost
3. Got servername
4. created CNAME www in my domain pointing to the servername, ie points to IS THAT CORRECT?
5. Login as myself to server44 ftp and put my files (I have tried defaukt.html, index.html etc) to the public_html folder as manual says
6. open and I see 000webhost page instead of mine. WHAT COULD BE A REASON OF THE PROBLEM?

  1. It is not correct. Servername must point to and
    You can see it in CPanel, “View Account Details”


ns is a nameserver…
Do you mean that I must point all my domain to use another primary NS?


Yes, you must point to use and nameservers


Thanks a lot for your help!
One more question- should I use them instead my my existing nameservers or in addition?


Where can i change the server name??? :confused:
not from the faq!:smiley:
step-by-step plz!


Where is your domain hosted? If it is at GoDaddy, here is how to do make the appropriate changes for your situation:

From GoDaddy
Log into your account
click on Domain Manager
Click on your domain (

If you want to change your nameservers, click on “Set Nameservers”

Choose "I have specific nameservers for my domains"
replace the name servers with at least 2 different name servers

I chose to keep my domain managed at GoDaddy, because my email is hosted elsewhere
if you want to do this, I.E. you host your email with Google Apps

Go to Total DNS
Click on Total DNS Control

To point dns at your website, put in the apropriate IP address for the A (Host) record
@ (now @ always points to the ip address for your webserver)
You have to log into your Cpannel to find this information under Account Details Overview:

“You can also point your domain (“A” DNS record) to IP”

For Google Apps, you will want to point the mail server CNAME host names to Google’s servers:


MX Mail Exchange servers:

Priority Mail Server




More info on setting up Google Apps is at


if i’am correct… only give us domain name…

and the domain should be registered…



No, it is not right.

“000webhost” will lend you a subdomain to use with your account hosted on 000webhost.
You can also use a domain that you already bought/registered to a domain registrar with your 000webhost account.


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I cant find where to post this im hoping somone can help

i have updated the name servers to point to 000hosting at the domian register ( crazydomains )

I did this nearly a week ago

im still getting the message saying its not pointing to the server from my domain and to leave it 24-48 hours, i have currently left it 160 hours !!

thanks in advance


Have you used the correct nameservers?


Thanks for your reply, I have checked they are correct so many times its defiantly correct


Do the nameservers show up in a search? (type your domain name into