How do i point my domain..?


Yes , the name servers show in the Whois search and appear to be correct.



In addition to configuring the nameservers on the web where you bought your domain (sometimes you need to add the IP addresses of the nameservers), you also have to create an account on 000webhost with the name of your domain, or “Parked your domain” to an account that you have created with a 000webhost subdomain .


Thanks for your help, i have checked and all apprears to be correct.

Its really puzzling me i have another account with 000hosting and my website runs no problem


I think if you want someone to double check then you will have to say what the domain is called.



Updated 2 days ago it says. If you go here - put in your domain name, choose CNAME from the dropdown and click search you can see that the domain has not propagated around the world yet.
This is probably due to crazydomains being slow more than anything else (most hosts do all domains for that day together, maybe crazydomains does it every two days or so)


Thanks, yes i did delete them and put them back in that sounds about right, thanks got your help i will give it a bit longer then contact crazy domains

thanks for your help!


I have contacted Crazy Domains they are saying it is pointing to 000hosting`s servers im getting no joy from the help ticket i have opened just what looks like standard messages and having to wait 24 hours for each one of them.

I am waiting to be paid for this website design is more my thing than tecchie stuff and currently have nothing to show.


Not sure what’s going on, it’s like doesn’t exist on 000webhosts servers. Certainly sites like this should find that your domain has an 000webhost IP but it finds nothing.
It’s not something silly like the account created is called

If all you need to do though is show design then (without knowing anything about your creation) can you not upload it to a free subdomain? Atleast you will have a working link.


Could it be because i have a free account on here, and the domain register has 2 domians on it ( One of which is already hosted on 000host ) and the free account is limited.??


No, you can create as many domains or as many free subdomains (or a mixture of the two) with the one account. Whether you use your own domain name or a free sub domain, both will be limited by being on a free host.



It seems that domain is working fine now .

#93 - this is a detail guide to do that


hello everyone, I had the same problem as lee443 and also had 2 domains parked on one profile, and one website was running and another has stoped and my domain was redirected to 404 page ow 000webhost. I solve the problem by unparking the problematic domain, and park it again. Hope I helped someona:)