How does redirect work?

Hi… I’ve had a pretty simple ‘bare bones’ free personal website I manage via FTP for a couple of years. But now Facebook is blocking it. I looked into “Park domain”, but it seems the service is no longer free. I see I can add a redirect from my web pages to another domain. But I don’t quite understand how it works. If I go to GoDaddy, and buy a domain, can I use that on Facebook and have friends there redirected to my 000webhost pages?


You can use domain forwarding from your registar GoDaddy yes see tutorial section

Okay…I see the GoDaddy tutorial here:

It looks pretty straightforward. I’ll look into getting a domain and give it a try

Thanks so very much for the feedback.

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Well I purchased a $1.00 .xyz domain from GoDaddy. And from my settings there, forwarded it to my 000webhost web pages. But Facebook crawls the xyz URL to my 000webhost pages and blocks it, reporting again:

“Your post couldn’t be shared, because this link goes against our Community Standards”

Hmm they must be checking the source somehow I’ll see if there is anyway around this

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Keep me posted on what you find.:grinning:

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Haven’t found any solutions sadly, it seems Facebook scans the content of the page by preloading it to check it, I tried forwarding my domain to to then forward onto my 000webhostapp but it still finds bitly then 000webhostapp and stops it being shared/post via messenger even.

I would advise you to either use alternative free hosting where you can park/point a domain or try a year of Hostinger for around 20-25usd which has a 30 day money back if you don’t like it at all.