How I can host my laravel project


Hi team,

I create my project which is completely working on off line but when I uploaded on the server it shows me an error.
I don’t have an experience to upload laravel site.

Please help me



I see this error.

You’re getting this error because you’re using local path.(like on your PC).
To avoid this error you need to use GLOBAL PATH.

Ex: Like, if a file is stored in C:\xampp\htdocs\test\test.php (this is local path),
then you need to mention a global path like this ./test/test.php

Hope this helps you.


this is old error which i get.
Please see the new problem.
I could not access my site.
it just show my files only.


Are you sure that you’ve uploaded all your files? Plz double check.


yes I upload all file but I just sent half of the screenshot.


seems like you failed to upload some of the files.


I double check it.
I already upload all files