How i can share my website to facebook and instagram?


how i can share my website to facebook and instagram? I can’t share my website on facebook and as well as on instagram!!! I get this message: The content you’re trying to share includes a link that’s been blocked for being spammy or unsafe I have tried url shortening and I get …
Cant Share Link With Facebook


Hi @beingsport!

You can’t share websites containing because this URL has been abused by a lot of spammers, scammers and malicious people in the past. Therefore, it has been blocked by some companies.

If you want to share your website, I am afraid your only choice is to park a domain to it and then share that domain which has not been abused in the past.


@NGiNX hey! i have done that too…i have my domain from freenom…but the result is still the same. :frowning: what should i do?


In your website, please go to Wordpress cPanel > Settings > General and change all URLs to

Then try sharing again…


i got this after entering that link into my wordpress dashboard.So i should click on advance or what? And then i should try sharing?


If you want HTTPS for your website you’ll need to delete/unlink completely the domain from 000webhost cPanel > Set web address and then follow this tutorial to set up Cloudflare for your website:


So i should delete/unlink 000webhost namservers too from freenom and then try this tutorial?


So i should delete/unlink 000webhost namservers too from freenom and then try this tutorial?

Yes, please do so.


@NGiNX bro i want that 000webhost link back on my dashboard…after inserting i got session expired msg…but when i am entering to my wordpress dashboard this image is coming…how i can change it to back?


So, you’re giving up Cloudflare?


i will try that tomorrow…it is too late now…i am feeling drowsy…so,for now…i am doing that.


That message is caused by Google Chrome because he attempts to connect automatically over HTTPS. But because your website has certificates issues only for * domain, it throws away that error.

You can go to “Advanced” and access the website without problems. However that error will disappear only after linking your website with Cloudflare.


:frowning: but without using cloudflare i can’t remove that error???anyway is there?and the method of cloudflare is easy or not?


This is a certificates issue. And it’s not even an error. It’s an warning. But it’s annoying, I know…

Unfortunately no, there is no (cheap) way to get rid of it except by using Cloudflare…


But after clicking on advanced…i logged into my dashboard…so,here can i go to settings->general and paste ?? Then things would be same as before?


Yes, they will be…

However you will not be able to share your website to Facebook…


yeahh…but i will try that cloudflare method tomorrow for sure…!! is that easy or not ? :smiley:


Cloudflare is very easy to setup.

Do you have Team Viewer?


No i don’t have…so bro tomorrow u can guide me onto this :slight_smile:


Checking the tutorial will provide you the same steps I would :wink: