How much it last "Website is no longer available" page?

I have some issues and after hours of research I can’t solve them by myself
I have domain in Hostalia. Hosted in 000webhost and to obtain SSL certificate I have set Cloudflare following some tutorials found in this forum and Cloudflare help center.
First I would like to know how much time “website is no longer available” page lasts because in the process I created and and after pointing it in webhost the first sites has that message.
To “unpark” my domain from 000webhost would solve the problem and delete every single page?
Second, I would like to know if once it is pointed to the subdomain works as the main site and the subdomain only act as a mirror page. This is important to me because if Google understand that I have two duplicate pages will penalize my positioning
Even if I have set things up according to tutorials my www. subdomain doesn’t show https in every browser or shows that I have mixed content so it is only partially safe. So Cloudflare does not work anymore in 000webhost or I messed something up?
Thanks in advance

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Ensure you delete the parked domain and add it as POINTED to use SSL and CloudFlare successfully.

Thank you for your responses. Anyway, I think It doesn’t worth my time to spend so much efforts trying to set up a website knowing that 000webhost doesn’t bother about the security of my page and arrange freemium host to be extremely complicated to set up when not impossible. So I’m moving to another hoster.
How can I delete my data in order not to appear my website and the created subdomains?
I would like to set my page as not executing. this means that 000webhost will delete the account if there is no activity?
Or if I delete my website, every domain and subdomain that has info will be deleted without showing “website is no longer available”?

It lasts until you remove nameseves or CNAME point towards 000webhost from your domain dns.

You could’ve setup a htaccess redirect which will redirect all requests to

That’s because you’ve not configured it properly. Even if you configure it properly you need to give it sometime inorder to work properly(may take upto 48hrs). This generally happens beacuse of the browser cache.

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As said before unless and until you remove CNAME/Nameserver pointing towards 000webhost you’ll see the same.

Yes users with no account activity will be deleted automatically including their data and registered subdomain.

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